Seventy Million

    What is the SeventyMillion Project?Good question! There are 70 million people around the world of Irish heritage or ancestry and the SeventyMillion Project is an attempt to find out where they are and what their Irish link means to them. Already 1053 people have shared their thoughts on their Irish heritage. (Play the movie to see what they’ve said!)So, if you are Irish, or you have an Irish parent, grandparent, great grandparent, and it means something to you, tell us about it. Just find your location on the map and click the “Add me” button. You are one of SeventyMillion! (Click here if you are from Paraguay or  Bolivia)

    Tales of our ancestors

    We’re looking for stories of your ancestor/s. When did they leave Ireland? Why? How? Where did they land or settle? What did they get up to in their new home?… read more

    Spread the word about the project!

    We’re trying to find as many people of Irish heritage around the world as we can. Please tell your friends, family, relatives and even your enemies about the SeventyMillion Project. Get them to share their thoughts on their Irish heritage.

    From the four corners of the Irish Diaspora

    If you want to help out with the project or connect with people of Irish heritage around the world, then come and join us at the Social Network at Be one of SeventyMillion