Mapping the Irish diaspora one click at a time

SeventyMillion sets out to find, map and connect the 70 million people around the world who have an Irish link, be it in part or total. There are two elements to SeventyMillion:

First, the SeventyMillion Project (at attempts to record the community. The project started on St Patrick’s day, March 17 2008 with the aim of finding and profiling as many of the seventy million people around the world with an Irish link. The project will finish when we have all 70 million.  Surely this is possible.

Second, the Social Network ( provides an online community for people to get involved with the project as it grows, to share ideas and sustain the project momentum.  We’re a small team and need help.  It also provides an opportunity for people on the map to connect on an individual level with each other.

Don’t ‘go home’, stay right there!

SeventyMillion is not meant as a vehicle for 1st generation Irish people abroad but more for the foreign born Irish who have a historic link through an ancestor.  These Irish have no desire to ‘go home’, they already are home.  This site is about making their Irishness relevant to how and where they are living their lives right now.  We believe that this community is strong at an individual and a local level but not at a global one.  We wanted to address that.

Also, let’s be clear, this project is only the start.  Exactly where it goes is not up to us: it’s up to the community that we find and connect. That’s what’s so exciting, the project and community could go in any one of a million directions.  We’ll try and facilitate as much as possible but leaving it to us alone will slow the whole thing down.  We’ll get it started but we encourage innovation and ideas within the community for the community.

SeventyMillion Dollars

We have always said that if anyone ever makes any money off this project it won’t be us, it will be members of the community who find ways to make it pay.  And that’s fine.  We’re not in this for the money.  We’ve paid for it out of our own pockets and seeing the global community connect is value for us.  We would like to have our bills paid at some stage down the line but that’s a bonus and not the reason for doing this.  Trust that we will keep this project real and as amateur as possible, it’s a human project not a business!

Nick & Karl

The SeventyMillion Team

If you would like to contact us, email us by clicking here.