LAUNCHED: The SeventyMillion Project Widget
Stay up to date with the SeventyMillion Project get our RSS widget. Thanks to the guys at Widgetbox, you can now get the latest thoughts on Irishness to your desktop…

LAUNCHED: New SeventyMillion Project posters
We’ve created some nice posters that you can print out and put up and help us find more people of Irish heritage worldwide… find out more

IN THE NEWS: The SeventyMillion Project in the Irish Post
A pilot project to track and trace the global Irish Diaspora has been gaining momentum since launching on the internet last month. The SeventyMillion Project aims to find, profile and map the 70million people around the world who proclaim to be Irish-born, Irish by… go to Irish Post Online

PRESS RELEASE 17th March 2008: SeventyMillion Project Launch

E-Irishness: Uniting the global Irish population one click at a time: It’s time. We have the will. We have the technology. And most of all, we have the imagination to create a virtual nation of Irish that spans the globe, that reunites generations lost to emigration, that can become a political and economic force transcending national and physical boundaries, that can truly take democracy out of the debating chamber and put it online….

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