Wanna help us find more of the Irish Diaspora worldwide? See the links below to posters that you can print out and put up in your club, pub or, even, your front window.

Poster 1 (white)

A4 Poster1 (white) JPEG

A4 Poster1 (white) PDF

Poster 2 (white on green)

A4 Poster2 (white on green) JPEG

A4 Poster2 (white on green) PDF

Poster 3 (green on green)

A4 Poster3 (green on green) JPEG

A4 Poster3 (green on green) PDF

If you require larger posters (with separations and bleeds etc.) drop us an email here.

If you put up the poster, send us a picture of where you put it up!

The SeventyMillion Team